The Value of an EHR Certificate in Finding a Job

The Value of an EHR Certificate in Finding a Job

Posted on 16. May, 2014 by in Certifications, Education, Job Seekers

My sister in law recently told me that she was in a medical education program and that she had the option to add on an EHR certificate as well. She asked me if I thought that getting the EHR certificate would help her get a job.

While not all certificates are created equal, my response to her was she should probably save her money. However, my advice might have been different if I was talking to someone else. What you have to understand is that I know that my sister-in-law really only wants to work on the medical side of things. She doesn’t want to one day work on the technology side of things. So, it didn’t make much sense for her to do the EHR certificate.

If instead she was interested in eventually becoming an EHR trainer, an EHR consultant or some other role within the EHR and health IT team, then it might be worth her time and money. Plus, if you’re someone that doesn’t know if you’d like the EHR world or not, then these certificates can be a great way for you to explore that world and know if you want to dig in a little deeper. We’ve seen a lot of people use the EHR Office Proficiency training as a way to do just that.

The challenge with all of these certificates is that I’ve never heard of a recruiter who searched out these really simple EHR certificates (vendor specific EHR certs are a different story). Instead, my experience has been that these simple EHR certificates act as a tie breaker between two candidates that are otherwise equal. So, there is value in the EHR certificate when it comes to finding a job, but not as much as people would like you to think.

Also, be a little careful going after certificate after certificate if it’s not paired with real world experience. We all know the people with all these certificates that can’t get hired because those certificates aren’t paired with real world experience that gives those certificates real meaning.

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  1. Jim LaRosa

    30. May, 2014

    Having an extra certification might make you look good on paper, but is that certificate going to get you the job you want? It takes time and money to earn that paper, but why bother if it’s not the career your want? What if it actually traps you on a career path you never wanted to go down.

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