What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Healthcare IT Jobs?

What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Healthcare IT Jobs?

Posted on 09. Nov, 2016 by in Careers, Job Seekers

As we sit on the day after the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, we thought it might be worthy of thinking about the impact the election of Donald Trump could have on healthcare IT jobs. I’ll admit that this is a complex question with quite a few unknowns, but here we go.

First, I’ve heard many argue that Trump’s win spells the doom for MACRA. I personally think that this couldn’t be further from the truth as I outlined in my post about the impact of the 2016 Election on Healthcare IT. I just don’t see any way that Trump will get rid of MACRA and it’s previous HITECH Act. As I mention in the post, Obamacare (ACA) is another story.

With that in mind, there are going to be plenty of healthcare IT jobs focused on using healthcare IT to participate in MACRA and other government health IT programs. That’s happening today and I don’t see it changing. The same is true for ACOs and other advanced APM related jobs. I can’t imagine Trump ever deciding to change the trajectory of healthcare to not include the shift to value based reimbursement. If anything, I could see him doubling down on it. I think those jobs will still be in high demand including important jobs like healthcare analytics jobs and health data analysts.

The harder thing to predict is what’s going to happen with the economy. We all know the hit that healthcare IT jobs took during the big economic downturn. Most companies stopped hiring healthcare IT professionals and just made do with what they had. Healthcare IT and EHR consulting companies really faced a major challenge to even survive. It’s interesting that all this consulting money dries up when the economy is bad and returns when the economy is doing better.

I won’t predict what will happen to the economy under a Trump Presidency, but the big stock market drop when it seemed he would win should make us all keep a close eye on the economy. Yes, even though it seems to have not totally melted down and has actually rallied again today. That health IT consulting job may not be quite as interesting as a full time job at a healthcare organization if the economy does go downhill.

The reality is that healthcare isn’t going anywhere and using technology in healthcare isn’t going anywhere either.

What’s your take on the future of healthcare IT jobs under a Trump Presidency?

John Lynn

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4 Responses to “What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Healthcare IT Jobs?”

  1. b

    10. Nov, 2016

    It is completely delusional to think Healthcare IT wont lose jobs, funding and presence in the informational world.
    Trump and the rest of his Gestapo will bring us back to the stone age. And you can forget about the economy, freedom, the constitution, etc.

    I’m renewing my Dutch citizenship and heading for the door like the smarter Jews did in the 30’s while they could.

    Amerika can rot in it’s own down home filth, I’m done and if you have half a brain you will cash out two.

    Oh yeah, I guess now I really do have to buy firearms to protect myself from the hicks.

  2. John Lynn

    10. Nov, 2016

    Thanks for sharing your opinions. I don’t agree with much of what you said, but you’re entitled to your views. If you’re moving to Holland, then I guess that means there will be one more health IT job for someone else πŸ™‚

    As I say in the post, it’s worth watching what will happen to the economy, but I think health IT will be largely unaffected by policy choices.

  3. George

    11. Nov, 2016

    What are your thoughts on how repeal of the Affordable Care Act could impact the industry?

    If repeal leads to fewer covered individuals, it seems that would have the potential to shrink hospital revenue. Hospitals with shrinking revenue will feel pressure to cut support staff, including IT.

  4. John Lynn

    11. Nov, 2016

    That’s a really hard one to predict. Unfortunately there’s not a clean path to how they’ll repeal it (they don’t have 60 votes) and what they’ll replace it with if they could repeal it. So, instead, they’re going to no doubt try all sorts of budget and executive order shenanigans which are hard to predict.

    All of that said, if the economy stays good, then I think it won’t have much impact. People will still need healthcare and they’ll largely pay for it. I don’t remember anyone reporting that the healthcare business took off with all these people now more insured. In fact, in some ways it regressed since now all these patients have high deductibles and they can’t pay the patient pay portion of it. My gut tells me this will be a wash as long as the economy stays good. If the economy tanks, then we’ll see a bunch of tightening.

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