1000 No’s Leading to 1 Yes in Your Job Search

1000 No’s Leading to 1 Yes in Your Job Search

Posted on 29. Jun, 2017 by in Career Coaching, Careers, Job Seekers

Having the opportunity to work with and help 100s and even thousands of people searching for jobs gives you a great perspective on the job search process. It’s amazing how different people approach the job search process and more importantly how those people react to the job search experience.

Watching all of these people search for a job, it’s amazing how quickly the thousands of No’s can be forgotten once you get the 1 yes that really matters. That’s a big deal and it only takes one for a job search to be successful. However, I understand deeply how hard all the No’s can be while you’re waiting for that one yes.

No one likes to be rejected, so hearing hundreds of No’s can be a challenge for even the most optimistic person. What can even be more challenging than No’s is silence. Not hearing back from people can be even harder on your self-esteem than someone coming back and saying they don’t have a job for you.

Resilience is a key attribute in the job search. It’s much more common that someone struggles to find the right job than it is for someone to find the right job fit almost immediately. There are a lot of factors at play and it’s normal for it to take some time for the right job to come your way.

I realize even more now than I did before how important timing is for your job search. Sometimes the timing isn’t right and it takes time for the job search to find the right job or for that job to be open so you can find it.

Job searches can be very discouraging. If you’re searching for a job, don’t be discouraged. Keep fighting and putting in the effort and you’ll be surprised how quickly all the denials and rejections will be forgotten once you get your new job.

John Lynn

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