8 Signs You Will be Highly Successful

8 Signs You Will be Highly Successful

Posted on 24. Aug, 2017 by in Career Coaching, Careers

I recently read a great post on LinkedIn by Oleg Vishnepolsky that highlighted what he considers to be 8 sure signs that you will be highly successful:

No, high scores on exams is NOT one of them !
1. You love to learn new things
2. You love to help others
3. You like to complete your tasks completely and make sure they are completed πŸ™‚
4. You like to ask questions
5. You like to take responsibility
6. You are loyal to your team (Loyalty is the best currency)
7. You see your own failures and failures of others as learning experiences
8. You work hard AND value hard work of others
9. You are not chasing success but providing value

How accurately these describe you?

I think this is an incredible list and something that we don’t think about enough. In fact, when you think about our schools, how many of them teach any of these things? Sadly I think many schools fall short in a lot of these areas.

What’s fascinating about the list is that it doesn’t include things like brains or intellect. Certainly, it’s a good thing to be smart, but your success isn’t dependent on how smart you are but is instead dependent on things that we all can control.

It doesn’t take brains to work hard, be curious, be responsible, be loyal, and love to learn new things. It just takes the right attitude and hard work.

I’ll ask again the question that Oleg asked above, “How accurately these describe you?” Are there some areas you can improve?

John Lynn

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  1. David Brown

    01. Sep, 2017

    All the items on your list are points well-taken, and should be taken to heart by anyone serious about any career in healthcare IT.

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